Master Mariner; Marine Superintendent and Maritime Security Expert with a wide range of experience in Ship-Management, ISM, Security, Maritime Incident and Accident Investigations, towage, salvage, cost effective Incident Management, Ransom negotiations and delivery, release of Ships from drug related detention,  and similar. 

10 years of experience in the salvage, deep sea and coastal towing Industry from AB to Master and Superintendent both with renown German Companies and Companies in the Middle East and Latin America.

4 years of Command experience on different types of Dry cargo vessels.

10 years of shore experience with a very large and reputable ship management company in leading functions – managing numerous marine casualties and incidents like collisions, groundings, fires, allisions, hijacks, drug related detention etc. worldwide both on site and from the office. Ample experience of working with P&I Correspondents; Insurers and Maritime Law firms. In Charge of Supervision of Maritime Security and Maritime Incident Investigation for over 300 Vessels

Record time resolutions of piracy cases off Somalia and drug detention case in Venezuela.

Ample firsthand experience in Incident management and investigations world wide - Including Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

Ample firsthand experience inside the International Maritime Security Industry.

Captain Ulrich Ganz

What makes us different?

To us discretion is essential. We do not use YOUR incidents to promote OUR business by making reference to them.

I do untangle your problems - not make them bigger than they are. We will be pointing out where to reduce cost - without compromising quality. We will find the fastest solution - not the one providing more days on contract for us.

Dealing with major accidents and incidents requires experience.   You want to have an independent expert to either act on your behalf or give you an independent pairs of eyes telling you what REALLY goes on and if proposed and/or ongoing measures are in YOUR best interest. 

Our Incident Investigations are independent - and can be either for your eyes only - or for use with 3rd parties.

Having worked on all sides of the fence - I am familiar with both the maritime way of doing things as well as the way Authorities and Security providers work and can find the best and most cost effective solution for you.

40 years of Maritime and Security experience

Maritime & Security Consulting for Maritime Emergencies

Managing Maritime Emergencies