Security = Prevention is better than cure

Armed onboard Security has proven to be very efficient against Somali Pirates – but is not feasible in other parts of the world.  Obviously this cannot be applied against drug smugglers or stowaways

Efficient physical protection against all types of security threats is therefore the only solution – and the most cost effective one - if applied correctly.
The best time to do this is during a vessels new built planning – long before construction begins. We can look at your drawings and advise how to make little changes, which will make boarding by pirates much more difficult. Construction of citadels and prevention against drug smuggling and stowaways can be carried out at extremely low cost during this phase.  Scheduled ship yard times are the best time to this for existing ships. If the necessary work is included into the ship yard specification - cost will obviously be much lower. Again here we can be of assistance to make sure efficient measures are applied at minimal cost.

In cases where ad hoc measures need to be implemented while vessel is in operation – for example because of changes in trading area – we can give cost effective remote advice on how to implement security measures.

We can advise on the use of PMSCs and other security related services anywhere on the world at very competitive prices - carry out risk assessments to establish if their use is necessary and recommend the most suitable company for your needs. We can also carry out PMSC vettings of proposed companies.

In the worst case scenario we can assist you with Ransom Negotiations and related issues etc. etc.

Owners Representation

During the many years of my professional life I have earned vast experience with casualties and other maritime emergencies being in charge of casualty investigations and incident management of groundings, collisions, fires, allisions and pollution, hijacks, theft, armed robbery, vessel detentions etc. worldwide.  We do assist mainly owners and operators of commercial and privately owned vessels to mitigate overall cost of the incident by representing them on-site. Expenses for owner’s representative will typically be covered by insurance.

In cases of unjustified vessel and/or crew detentions we work alongside local (often P&I appointed) lawyers to assure the case is handled in the fastest and most cost effective manner – representing owners interest.

Maritime & Security Consulting for Maritime Emergencies

Managing Maritime Emergencies


Independent Incident Investigations and Audits

Incident Investigations carried out by an independent outsider will often reveal surprising results – as a non-biased approach is applied. Thinking outside the box will often come up with new ideas on how to deal with old and repetitive problems inside your organization.  We can provide reports “for your eyes only” or for third parties. Utmost discretion is our principle – we do not use your incidents to promote our business.